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I appreciate people may well do this, but I also know that people don’t know this. Without any leads, how is your business going to grow? Not only in size but in income generated.

The main focus should be on getting leads. Leads are the way to get things moving. But remember you also need to manage them when you do get them. The main thing you NEED to do is… Follow up with them. I may be stepping the gun on this article as I want this to be about getting leads. But just remember leads don’t always convert themselves…

Oh and one more thing. You need to work to get leads. They don’t just come to you.

Direct Messaging

So you got social media accounts? Why not use them and talk to people? It’s always a good start. You never know what people might be into. So here’s what to do…

Facebook – Add 25 people per day who are into entrepreneurship or online marketing. Speak to every single one of them on a basis. By doing this, you gain their trust. People will know if you’re genuine or not. Top tip – don’t just go in with a copy and paste pitch of a company. Get to know the person first!

Repeat this on other social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Building relationships with like-minded people is a great place to start!

Email Marketing

Yep… Money is still on that list…  More and more people have emails on the go, more and more people want to earn extra income online.

But how does it work? It does require more training but if it’s worth doing for the extra income, just do it.

This is what I use for my capture pages – Online Sales Pro

This is my auto responder which sends emails out for me to people who have ‘subscribed.’

Emails have a higher ROI than social media because (if done correctly) you can get a higher customer retention. Emailing subscribers daily after they ‘opt-in’ majorly helps in converting backend sales.

Make sure your emails are genuine, your offering value and also pitching at the right times. Please be aware that copying and pasting emails are a bad method, change up to 30% of emails if you can. This stops emails going into the spam box…No good if people cannot read your emails right?

Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or

User-Generated Content

What you are reading now basically… Content which has been put online. So people can see it. This can be done on social media or websites.  For a very passive approach to generating more leads, let your audience create the content and promote your brand for you. All you need to do is set the parameters for this user-generated content.

Generating leads for your online business can be done in your sleep, but only if you put in the effort first.  This is one method when you actually can generate leads on autopilot in your sleep. Content is online, people find it, people click, and people could buy…


This is the one people mess up on. I don’t want to go too deep because it can become pretty complicated. If you do this wrong, you will mess it up. It is guaranteed leads, but you also need a capture page to keep those leads and to email them. So you need to corporate the training within email marketing.

If you’re sending eyeballs to a sign-up page, it is unlikely anyone will sign up. You need to hook them in, get their email address and follow up via email. It’s as simple as that.


You can use Facebook Ads.

Solo Ads


Ad Campaigns such as banner ads

Adverts cost money, but if done right you can speed up your business. But get it wrong, it might make you want to quit.


Pretty simple I suppose… Same as this but on platforms like Youtube. I do have videos in some of my articles, but I do need to fill up my Youtube channel. That is my aim.

So if you like showing people things, doing lessons or showing off your awesome life then put it on camera and put it on the internet.

206 videos per month an average internet user will watch. Youtube also has over a billion users. So it has some leverage. Put your videos somewhere, people will see them. Let it grow.

Don’t forget you can have called to actions on videos so people can come to you through your ‘capture page.’

Hopefully, things have sunk in with that…




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