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I bet you are trying to channel yourself, everywhere you go it’s all about the gold-mine which is Instagram. Over the last year, well since Facebook decided to purchase Instagram it’s changed a few things. Allowing numerous advertisements, call to action and business pages it’s made it more friendly to us internet marketers, which only has a 33% market, meaning less competition compared to Facebook and Twitter, however it remains closed off in terms of how many URL’s you can promote and a number of people on the network, however, it is growing very fast.

1. Use MorfiX to automate.

You need to automate. You cannot spend all day on your Instagram account. Too many processes to do. By allowing a system to follow, unfollow, like and comment on targetted niches this will free up your time and allow your Instagram account to grow on autopilot each and every day. Even if you are generating an extra 30 followers per day, over the course of 1 year that’s a massive 11,000 organic followers targetted to your niche. IF you are looking to generate leads and you get around 5% conversion rate onto your link within the bio you’re looking at around 550 leads generated on their own, depending on the magnet it might be higher.

Morfix is brilliant. It’s one of the cheapest online. It targets the niches you want and runs 24/7. Bringing in organic people to follow you. Providing you do the next 4 points below, you need followers to get results this give you them!

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2. Use relevant hashtags.

Why does it seem odd that people put 30 million hashtags on an image? Please don’t. Within your niche 5 or 6, max usually does it. These are keywords, no point you putting something diet related in #foodporn or something to do with building muscle in the #fordcars hashtag. Best tip is to look online and see the competition (how many posts are within that hashtag) the lower the better as it gives your more chances of being on the explore page, which is what you want.

A number of the big hashtags have bots within them so be careful that way too. You will always want someone to view your beautiful image you have created who cares, this increases chances of a lead and ultimately a sale.

3. Think where you link.

How many times have I seen one free opportunity to send the traffic to your website being misused and wasted! I am talking about a single link that actually works as a live link — in your profile. Please, do not send those people to your homepage and let them scatter around. You need a landing page! Check out www.paidlikeash.com, this is how I solve this issue. They go onto the hottest way to earn money online which is Online Sales Pro.

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You need to direct them to check out the link in the bio for XYZ. Don’t let them do it on their own. You need to make sure the link is attractive so people do click, the use of emojis will help and what the link actually contents, whether it’s an online tool, a business or a book.

4. Tell a story with pictures.

Instagram is all about creative visual storytelling. If you want people to convert into customers, “hook them in” with an engaging story of your brand. What do you offer? What value does it have for them? What kind of lifestyle does it entitle? And so on and so forth.

Paint the picture with every new post. Don’t forget that text here matters as much as the visual aspect of it. While the visuals will draw people in, the text is what will make them stick for the journey.

Irrelevant images, inconsistent branding and wacky filters will not help you get more customers. But masterfully crafted storytelling will entice people to click on that link in the bio we’ve just discussed.

I use an app on my phone called Phonto. It’s free to use and really easy. Just get a free to use image via Pexels, put your text over it and your logo if you have one.

5. Check your competition.

It helps to watch what your competition is doing. Get a clear picture of what works and doesn’t work for them and improve on it. Or, create a completely different experience on your page.

See who they are following and who follows them. Be on the lookout for any influencers or people with huge followings. If you do identify influential profiles following them, see if you can reach out to them and get them to follow your brand as well.

To conclude

It’s simple and bold. Its visual people will want to learn about YOU. If you show your life how you live it and how successful you are, people will be interested. It’s then your job to help them to make it happen. Instagram is getting bigger, more than likely see more and more adverts appear to generate revenue which is something you can take advantage of.

Let me know how you get on with growing and using Instagram in the comments below.

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