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Whether you are new, experienced or an expert with traffic, the trends and methods change all the time, it’s important you keep up to date. Google, Facebook and Twitter change rules surrounding advertisements and algorithms all the time, that’s just social media platforms and SEO.

We can often feel like the deck is stacked against us. Managing our budget so we can be seen and taking more of our time to manage. How do the small budgets competitive with the big companies? Rank higher than them? Get more ‘good’ traffic visiting the website on a daily basis?

The tips below will show you how to increase your website traffic:

Social Media Automation.

Everyone loves social media. It’s the audience, it’s the voice of the armchair football fan and people love sharing opinions, right or wrong of course. Providing you have a good following on your social media accounts this first step can be golden. Use BUFFER. Schedule the posts you have done or the most important ones which are likely to go around again, Buffer supports the big social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram. Imagine having 10 posts to go out once a day through your following. Giving your audience an article each day, plus a new one in between the older ones. It’s free traffic from people you know, love and have followed YOU.

Make Your Titles Eye-Catching

Not to be confused with clickbait of course. However, did you know you are 80% more likely to view an article with an eye-catching article, something that has a pull? What about articles that are titled ‘How To Get Traffic’ is that a better title? Or ‘9 Ways To Increase Website Traffic’ I know which article I would click on. I have experience in seeing results with articles with my experience with Bread And Butter Football I know that some articles will get read more than others. It’s a question I am often asked by writers, “How do I increase my views?” The simple answer is. Make your title as eye-catching as possible. Make people want to click on it, to go through that door to see what is on the other side. It’s as simple as that. Same as running adverts. You need to grab people by the hand.

Build an email list

Let’s expand on the eye-catching theme and having a pull. To build a well-targeted email list, yes you need traffic, but also you need a pull, something so they can grab and in return, you get an email address who you can market too. It’s entirely up to you what you offer, you can offer E-Books, Free Webinars, Video Access or even promotional codes for products you are promoting. It has to be niche related of course but having something related to your website will give you a targetted fanbase, no different to people following you on Twitter or Facebook. At the moment I use MailChimp it’s cheapest online plus its super easy to use.

Blog often and a lot

Blogging still drives traffic. It always will, without content what can you share on social media or index on Google? It’s all about automation and accumulation with me. You have 1000 blog posts online on your website it’s going to drive so much traffic, providing you have stuck to the core values of having keywords within the article so it gets indexed at a high rank on Google and it has attractive titles so people read it via social media, its obvious right? If you are only blogging once per week you are limiting yourself and losing out on valuable coverage online. Blog twice per day 5 times per week (if you can) that will give you 10 posts per week. 520 posts go online within a year. That is 520 times you will be on Google (minimum) and 520 times you have shared a new post on social media (minimum) without the use of older posts.

Say for argument’s sake each article gets 100 views per month via SEO and social media automation posts. Within a year you have 520 quality articles online. That could give you a potential 52,000 views minimum. Free traffic all from writing and publishing. Providing you have a good pull on a mailing list which could achieve between 6% conversion rate that’s a 3,120 a year mailing list.

How To Make A Capture Page

Optimize your site for SEO

This is the one aspect of getting traffic that changes a lot. You need to keep up to date with it. However, the old methods work for writing articles and achieving Low Hanging Fruit (my method)

Making sure your SEO is correct is time well spent. Using tools like SEMrush can give you a complete SEO audit and shows you what you can fix. Better off doing it at the start then at the end. Who knows how much traffic and potential leads you will miss out on.

Making sure your website is responsive for mobile is a big factor and it has an actual sitemap uploaded and submitted to Google. The older your domain the more trust it will have. Providing you don’t buy any dodgy backlinks, it’s mainly a time matter with SEO.

Exchange blog posts with other sites

Building relationships and syndicating your website onto other websites is a great way to drive a new audience to your site. By looking for blogs or websites that are similar and of a similar size and audience, reach out to their site administrator and ask if it’s possible to do some blog article swaps. Make sure that there is no duplicate content which could do more harm, however a link back to your website on theirs is a good way to get some authority on Google and a new audience viewing your website.

Become a contributor

One of the more harder ones, you need to be a good writer and an expert in the field. However totally possible. By contributing to other sites within the niche of your website is a great way to drive traffic to your website. People will begin to learn who you are, look you up and if it’s at all possible the website may let you add a link back to your website onto the article you have written.

You will need to work your way up. However, by doing this, you will be writing each and every day. The issue you have with this, you need a niche that has tons of content ideas as you will still need content on your own website after all.

Host a webinar or webcast

Regardless of your industry or website niche, I can guarantee there’s a topic you have enough expertise on that your customers would come to listen to you speak. The trick is to identify this topic and then to create a fun and engaging presentation. Carol Tice put together a phenomenal guide on putting on a great webinar.

People want to know the latest tricks and providing you have a good track record and following, people will attend. This is a good pull to get people in, not everyone likes to read articles but for people to hear your thoughts on a presentation or a website chat is different, something that is easily shared after the recording. Look at Facebook Live and how popular that has become, webinars are in that bracket for curiosity. A good title, a decent following and you could well have a lot of people in the room, use that audience to drive traffic to your website, refer them to articles or to sign up for further details.

Don’t give up and put in a lot of effort 

Nothing happens on its own and nothing happens overnight. You need to do all of the above to make sure as many people see your content, service, and website as possible. This does not mean go on Fiverr and buy fake traffic. Follow the above and give it time, it does take time. But imagine yourself in 3 years time. You have got 10,000 people on a mail list, you have over 2000 articles online from yourself or other people and achieving over 100,000 page views on automation each and every year by just writing about your passion. An audience allows you to promote a product, a product allows you to sell and by selling allows you to earn online, no matter what niche. You could be doing it all passion based and not for money but all the principles are the same. You need those ingredients or you might as well write something and put it in the bin.


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