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Divvee Social
Social Membership Network that offers you the opportunity to earn by referring people to watch videos and share them on mobile devices.
What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Team?

E-Book will be made upon release of Divvee Social highlighting the best ways of recruiting both free members and affiliates.

You will join a community of like minded people set up on Facebook willing to help you at each step.

Unlock Potential
First time earning online? Don’t worry about it. You will be shown how it works and what you have to do. It’s really simple.

Earn Money!
By taking this step, you will learn techniques to help you towards your goal of making money through this opportunity.

Mobile Facts & How Can I Earn?
  • Marketing and Advertising is a $600 billion per year industry.
  • Mobile Advertisers spent over $100 billion in 2016.
  • Mobile Apps, Products and Services, (MAPS)
  • MAPS account for 5 of the 10 fastest growing industries world-wide.
  • As of June, 2015 over 100 billion apps were downloaded from the Apple App Store.
  • Mobile phones used by 73% of the world’s population.
  • Social Media Revenue in 2015: Facebook $17.93 billion; Twitter $2.21 billion; Pinterest predicts $2.8 billion annually by 2018.
  • By doing Rank & Share yourself you will earn points. These can be redeemed for giftcards, items and travel.
  • As an affiliate you only make commissions on the people you refer. Whether they are affiliates or free members.
  • Each Rank & Share is worth anything between $0.01c – $0.25c. These will vary from each Rank & Share.
  • It works on a 3×10 commission matrix. This means if you get 10 affiliates you can earn 10 tiers deep. A small slice of each affiliates Rank & Shares.
  • Affiliates have to be over the age of 18. Free members can be under 18.
  • You are paid via a pre-paid debit card/E-wallet system.
Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is It?

It’s free to use. For affiliates it’s either $50 for a yearly membership or 750 points which can be redeemed with your Rank & Share Points.

What Devices Does It Work On?

It works only on iOS and Android.

How Many Points Is It For Each Rank & Share?

Each Rank & Share varies. You could earn 1 point or anything up to 5. Depending on what it is. You can do UP TO 5 per hour.

How Do You Manage Your Team?

We use a Facebook Group which is private to only you guys and any affiliates underneath you. Encouragement of the community and being on the same system will increase results.

What Happens If Affiliates I Bring In Don’t Use It?

Affiliates in your downline must have over 100 points for them to be active. Meaning you will not be paid from that tier. This also includes what they bring in as free members.

What Is The 3X10 Matrix?

This works by filling in positions in a tiered system. Right to left. It works that you get a small slice of what the affiliates under you do. But it goes all the way down to 10 tiers (if you have 10 affiliates). This is how you will earn more money.

How Much Can I Earn?

This is up to you. It depends how many active members you have brought in. Lets look at FREE MEMBERS ONLY.
You get paid commission from $0.01c to $0.25c per Rank & Share.
You have 300 active free members underneath you who do on average 10 R&S per day which has an average value of $0.05c. That would give you a daily earning of $150 per day. This does not include affiliates under you which means you will earn more.

Is It A Quick Rich Programme?

NO! There is no such thing. It takes time and effort to bring in people. The more people you bring in the more money you could earn. Providing they are active. It is a free app for members so by using it for free and them getting points out of it may make it easier who knows.

Want To Join The Team?