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So.. I’m hoping because you found this you might find a way to earn money online for free? Yeah sorry to disappoint you but I have just shattered your dreams of getting rich.

Making money by handing in your receipts or doing a task to earn 0.25c does not interest me in any way shape or form, it’s not internet marketing, you do not learn anything, and it certainly cannot replace your full-time job.

Buttttt Ash… How do you make money online then? Well, it’s simple, what do the top earners do? Or more to the point what do you say to them? “You’re so lucky”, “I want to be like you” and the best one “It’s a scam” Now because you see them at the end of their journey you don’t know the zig-zag path they took to get to the amount of income. Want to know how they did it?

They worked their bloody face off. Literally. Hours and hours of learning, hours of networking and hours of testing everything. Internet marketers are ordinary people, all on the same journey and we have all had that upward learning curve.

I’m going to make it easy for you. I am going to show you how it’s all possible. I don’t want to hear any excuses. If you want it, you will do it. My biggest bugbear is when people say to me I have $0 to start a business, but we all know you’re more than likely replying back to me on an iPhone 7, or wearing new Jordan Airs. How many books can you invest in? How many tools can you buy? Domain names? Hosting for a website? Traffic and the best one…Capture pages. All about priorities and if you want to do it. It’s all about taking action.

Now for a more digestible list:

 1.   Learn how to become an internet marketer before you start ANYTHING.

Want to know why this is number one? Because people join and spend money on MLM/opportunities and have no idea how to promote or sell it. Sad reality but it happens. People join something and leave within four weeks. Then it gets labelled a scam and welcome to the 97% failure club.

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 2.    Fill your life with motivation and mindset content.

Some people do this, and some people don’t. Individuals who do this tend to get more success. Add people who are internet marketers on your Facebook and connect with them. It helps. Also check out people on Facebook like Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez and Gary Vee. Listen to their daily videos. Keeps the goal and motivation in your head ticking over.

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3.     Learn. Learn a lot!

By using Online Sales Pro. You will learn how to market online, which is what you want to do right? Be able to bring people into a company, and you earn money? The best earning online is selling physical products? We all know that. Leverage the tools you have at your disposal and take action.

 4.     Learn how to talk to people

This is a must, how can you get people to join you, buy from you or even learn from people if you do not connect with people. You need to jump on people, in their inboxes, on their facebook inbox and anything else you can communicate with people these days. Get in front of individuals.

 5.      Be Honest

Don’t kid yourself. Don’t come out as some overnight guru. If your going to use attraction marketing be honest, don’t lie. People will find out, and your trust is gone. Most sales I get is from bringing people to me by attraction marketing, creating curiosity allowing them to ask questions as to what I am doing. It works a treat. It only works if you have a degree of trust and something to show people.

 6.     Work your face off. 

I really mean this. People do some parts of the above but forget to work, spending more time during the day to do this then they fall. It’s so important you learn how to market, then talk to people when you bring people to you. But if you don’t work on getting that to happen your at zero still… True story though, I can relate to a lot of people who have given up at first base because they like to watch The Walking Dead.

 7.      Don’t get distracted by shiny objects!

I fell foul of this. You see internet marketers promoting the next best thing, the course that will make you earn millions in 6 months. Yeah… We it’s pretty much what you have seen above. Don’t waste your money. Grow a big team, and help people. It’s a lot better in your pocket while starting out. Trust me on that one.

So I hope I helped in some way. To show you some things to get you going. Obviously, their are more tools that you need to add to the inventory, but you will see them from time to time. Top tip and a one you should go and do now. Go and find a top earner in a company and watch what they do. See how they brand their Facebook, do posts and what are they promoting. The best way to learn is by watching.

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