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If you do not get this correct, you might as well turn off your computer and sit in a dark room. The reason why we are all here is the fundamental objective of recommending people to a product/service which you can (providing) what it is, earn a commission. It stretches to everything online; Affiliate marketing, digital marketing, MLM and Networking. If you cannot engage with your customers to make a sale with people who are ‘interested’, you must be doing something wrong.

I am going to show you how to engage with people in the correct manner which will increase your conversion rates, keep your costs down and ultimately earn money the best way. BY HELPING PEOPLE.

Problem 1)

Praying on the new, personally messaging them and sending ‘your affiliate link’ to is strictly forbidden.

I did this on Facebook; I found it funny. I put the bells and whistles around me, saying I am NEW, I am a newbie and what do I do?!

I received within that hour 17 personally messages from people telling me I should do this, I should sign up to that, and I should use this traffic source. Only seven people messaged me welcoming me, saying hello, etc. So the other ten were just looking for my money. I know those people will not help me. I’m more experienced than some internet marketers online. I know the tricks.

How to solve problem 1.

If you want to greet, people talk to people like a human. Speak to them. Ask them where they are from? What made them get into this business? Just build up some repour. They will then trust you, and before you know it they will begin asking you questions, you’re then ANSWERING and what does that mean? You are helping them. Remember it’s your credibility as an online marketer to recommend products and services to HELP them succeed. Don’t be a spammer.

Problem 2)

Spamming random links all over Facebook Groups. This is my biggest issue; I have two big groups on Facebook which I am sole admin of, one has 41K the other has 3K. I saw it all. I also see people who claim to be top networkers just ‘spamming’ links all over there to random stuff. How do you get people signing up to anything? Would you subscribe to any MCA link? Any opportunity without knowing who is ‘supposed’ to help you. Course not, so don’t let some random person you don’t know do it because you will forget.

How to solve problem 2.

Make engaging posts on groups. Don’t post any affiliate links. Rule of mine. It’s better showing people and getting their interest allowing them to ask for further details.

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I know my example is not the best. But it highlights that you want to speak to people, and it opens up communication. However, when you do this don’t do a problem 1 and just smash an affiliate link in someone’s face. Talk to them first about it. They are interested they asked for more details. Explain to them in full what it is, and how you can help as a sponsor.

Problem 3

Make yourself contactable at all times, in your first email, on your MVP (if using Online Sales Pro) and on your website (if you have one)

Not many people do this. Let people know you’re a human with a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email to respond too. Let them know any dramas they can message you for help. My sponsors, I can message whenever I want, I know they will give me a hand. You need that up-line too. At the end of the day you signed up on their link for a reason, you got to think in the shoes of a customer/prospect, why should they sign up under you. Is it because you have lovely hair? Is it because you earn six figures online? Or is it because your reachable, transparent and have a high reputation. I am hoping it the last option…

I’ve kind of already solved problem 3 in the above statement, so let’s move on to the closing part of this article.

Be as transparent as possible. Don’t fake it and be willing to help anyone and everyone. Why?

Because people will be talking about you, and people will approach you. If people approach you, they are 100% interested in what you have to offer.  That is exactly how I went to my sponsor for Online Sales Pro and Digital Altitude. I found who I wanted to be under because I knew I would get the help I need.

Whether your tactics are, paid traffic or free organic traffic via social media or SEO. People will be coming to you. Let them. How would you feel if people messaged you saying “Can you help me earn extra income online?” I am hoping you just speak to them and not wave any affiliate links in their face.  Be transparent and be honest, tell them they may need to spend money, say it’s hard graft but also tell them of the rewards at the end the climb.

I hope you have got some value from this. Just to summarise. Don’t be a spammer, Make people want to be sponsored by you and speak to people like you want to be spoken too.

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