How To Make A funnel

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The first thing to realise, sending leads to the registration page doesn’t work.

What you want to do, is convince your leads that your offer is worth their time and trust. If they will be directed to the registration page of your MLM business you promoting, you did none of that.

Also, you want to build a list to follow your leads, means sending emails to them. You can’t make your list without the right funnel.

That is when the Funnel comes in. A funnel is a series structure of pages for the leads to go through before reaching the registration page of your business. Let’s walk through each page of the funnel:

Capture page

Also known as the landing page or squeeze page. You already guessed the reason for the name “Capture page”. The aim is to attract the visitor’s attention and make him/her curious about your offer.

Let’s have a look at the structure of capture page.

As you can see from this capture page, the text style is varied to catch the visitor’s attention. Below the text, there is an email box. Why do we need an email box? Because we want the visitor to sign up to our list and send him our follow-ups emails. It is highly important not to lose our visitor after reaching that point.

Note: You can also have a box asking to fill name, phone number, etc. However, it is not recommended to have a large form to fill since the visitor will just leave to make things easier.

After the visitor fills his email in the form and clicks “Show Me The Video”, he will be directed to the video sales page.

Tips for Capture Page:

  •  Less is more. You may not want to make the capture page too messy or loaded with information. Make it straightforward and clear.
  •  Know the six seconds rule. That rule means that if the visitor doesn’t figure what do you offer him within six seconds, you might lose that visitor.
  • It is highly not recommended to open the video page in a new tab. You may want to make the funnel flow on one window and not making the visitor start going from one tab to another.
  • Except for the email, you do not need additional forms for the visitors to fill. Unless you want to call them too.

Video Sales Page

That’s where the magic happens. Here it is the place where the visitor will decide if he will sign up to your business or not. The video is usually testimonial video, presentation or cartoon of the firm.

Here you can put some bullet points about your business. The structure of a sales page is simply a title, video and a button for the registration page.

Note: You may want to make the process simple here too. It is not recommended to overwhelm the visitor with information. He might just leave to make everything easier.

Registration page

That’s is the last page where the visitor comes from the sales page. You did all of your funnels to maximise the number of visitors to sign up for your business.

The How To Email Marketing


After reviewing the basic structure of a funnel, we can now choose which tools we may use to create them.

(Recommended) OSP (Online Sales Pro) – One of the top systems out there for online marketers. It has already made funnels which can be customised to your needs. Since the funnels are already done for you, It is simple to have your funnel. The cost to join is 37$ per month.

ClickFunnels – Also a system to make a customizable funnel. Since this system has so many different options to customise your funnel. The monthly cost is 97$ per month. The price may discourage you, but consider that many top marketers are using this system.

WordPress– You can create your own funnel from scratch by using WordPress.

However, it might be complex and require some training before you can dive into creating your own funnel. You can vision how you want your funnel to be look like and create it with WordPress. The other tools have amazingly looking capture pages, but you are limited to their basic structure and cannot fully modify them. A way to use WordPress for creating funnels is to join a web hosting which offers a WordPress plugin, such as Dreamhost (cost is 11$ per month). In addition, you will have to use Optimizepress plugin for WordPress which is 97$ a one time fee. Once you paid the fee. You will have a lifetime access to create your own capture page and video pages.

Auto Responder

Most of your leads will not sign up right after watching the video page. Most of them will just leave or forget about it. However, you may not want to lose connection with your leads and that’s the reason we use Auto Responder. An Auto Responder is responsible for sending automatically scheduled emails to all of your leads. On those emails we reminding them or our offer, gifts, tips, tools, reports and extras.

The Auto Responder created to avoid the marketer of sending emails manually to each of his leads, and doing it for him instead. Those emails are commonly referred as Follow Ups.


AWeber – One of the most popular email marketing services. You can have multiple lists to different follow ups. The cost is 19$ per month. When you gain a certain number of leads, you will have to upgrade to a new subscription, which will cost more.

GetResponse – Another very popular email marketing service. The cost to join is 15$ per month. When you gain a certain number of leads, you will have to upgrade to a new subscription, which will cost more.

(Recommended Choice) Now Lifestyle Auto Responder cost is 25$ per month for up to 5,000 subscribers is value for money.


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