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What? You can make money from blogging?! Sign me up!

Well, it’s not quite like that. But in terms of the process, it’s actually really simple. It just takes a few ingredients mixed together along with time. Then you will have your passive income source from your very own blog.

How To Make Money Blogging?


The image is taken from Wealthy Affiliate (Number 1 recommendation for making money via blogging.)

Above you can visually see the process.

Step 1: Your website.

Step 2: Content on the website is indexed by Google

Step 3a: Customer searches ‘Something Related To Your Website/Article”

Step 3b: Customer finds your website on Social Media

Step 3c: Customer is a subscriber to your website via e-mail.

Step 4: Visits website

Step 5: See’s a product on the website from Amazon (Example)

Step 6: Customer clicks on Amazon and purchases a product

Step 7: You earn.

That’s one process. That is called Affiliate Marketing. There are hundreds of different programs you can use. Selling all kinds of different products. Each product has a % commission. If you sell the one you may well get 20% of the value sold, each product and program can be different.

Remember! Niche. I shouldn’t have to tell you this one. But if you are going to recommend products to your audience make it relevant.

As mentioned in the line above. You only recommend. These are adverts on your website, (more than likely cookie generated) so related items from search history will appear on the user’s screen. This is actually awesome for the likes of Amazon as featured above. You can make a sidebar advert to feature 6 products. Those 6 products could well be the last 6 items the customer has looked at. May well lead them back to Amazon to make a sale.

If it’s that easy why don’t we all do it?

So…I’ve shown you the process in very simple terms above. However, I mentioned at the start you need some key ingredients to get going. These vary from people to people however these are mine.

  • Passion
  • Ambition
  • Time
  • Knowhow


Without a passion in what you are blogging about then you might as well just stop. You need to have an interest in the topic, a skill set and most importantly the correct information. Google works by picking up the best content. Google is very clever. If information is incorrect, badly worded or just copied from somewhere, it’s no benefit. So make sure you know your niche.


You want it to grow right? This mixes well with passion. If you are going to write a killer article on ‘Dog Breeding’ (Example) your going to show it off to all the people interested in Dogs. You may have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and a Google+ account. Use it, spend time on them. Make them grow. Learn new ways to get content into new audiences, learn how to use Stumbleupon, Pinterest, and Reddit. Learn how SEO can help you rank the highest for a number of keywords. Using services like Jaaxy to find keywords that will help you gain more traffic from Google.

How To Earn Money Online For Free


This is the one you can’t control. Earning money online is never a quick thing. You will spend a number of months writing content and gradually you will see more and more people see your content. Then you will get your first sale. But unless you have a massive following elsewhere, you won’t see that first sale for at least 1 month. Content takes the time to write, takes time for your domain name to gain authority to list articles quickly, takes time to grow a gradual following on social media the list is endless. But time is on your side. You continue it for 3 years and your domain name will have a high authority allowing you to charge for links, you will have loads of content that people will stumble onto via Google, which gets re-shared again over social media because they like it, more and more people viewing your website and potentially signing up for further updates and viewing recommended products.


You should learn this as you go. This, in my opinion, is last in the list as you will learn this as time goes on. The internet is rich with information. I have recommended Wealthy Affiliate to you that’s a great place to start. This website may also be a great place to start. You will learn things from me (I hope!). The world is changing, everything changes. It is up to you to keep up with those changes. The new methods of making money via affiliate programs, building email lists, getting traffic and building relationships, they change. You got to make sure you adapt.

That’s not everything you need. Your well on your way to make money online from blogging. Even better if you do want to do it and spend no money Wealthy Affiliate host 2 free websites for you. No risk. Give it a go!

What else do I need to make money from blogging?

Build relationships, this one is a big one. How many people do you know who like your niche, or write about your niche? Talk to them. People do not talk enough. The world is dominated by socializing, admittedly it’s all looking down at a smartphone now, but if you are in Facebook Groups full of people who are interested in your niche, talk to them and tell them about your website. This can go on to emailing other website and ask for a link exchange which is vital for your SEO or ask people to subscribe to your mailing list. If you are promoting a product or a service it’s a great pull. Most sales are done from e-mail lists as it’s your most loyal fanbase, they have subscribed for a reason. That reason is to see more of the content or new services directly to them.

This is a very basic way to show you the steps it takes to earn online, what you need as a person and how to get growing. The internet has it all. Eventually, this website will have it all to help you on your way.

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