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Free Traffic, we all need it at some point. Organic traffic on Facebook can be turned into money and it’s easy. It’s all about branding and being seen. The more you are seen, the more curiosity you are generating which then allows people to come to you. So here we have it. A simple guide allowing you to generate more and more front-end sales by people coming to you!


  • Facebook Profile.
  • Facebook Page.
  • Patience.

Facebook is the ultimate tool for free traffic. It grows an audience of unlimited followers and up to 5000 friends.

Speaking from experience, I was a little late to the Facebook Branding scene. I had a small fear of “what people think” after that fear had vanished I gave it a go…My Facebook has grown, more people come to me, and more importantly, I have been getting SALES.

What You Need To Do:

  • Brand Yourself. (Nice Photo Of You!) So people know who you are!
  • Cover Photo: Some motivational speech, have a website URL if you have one (easy to buy a domain and mask it over a funnel)
  • Complete Intro: The part people look at is this on Facebook, so people know what you do. Let them know you are in internet marketing.
  • Allow your follow count to be on and to be visible.
  • Add between 25-50 friends per day. Within Internet Marketing. From groups such as Digital Altitude, Online Sales Pro and Now Lifestyle, etc.
  • Add a one post per day with value on ^ groups above.
  • Entertain! Add 1 or 2 posts per day. Promote what you’re doing, ask questions and generate interest/engagement on your profile.
  • Start up conversations and create relationships! The aim is to have marketers within your Facebook feed as those will be the people who you are engaging with the most.
  • Make someone feel special each day. Congratulate them on a sale, a new baby, or a milestone they have hit. MAKE them remember you. Write it on their wall in public.
How To Make A Capture Page

These will help get more and more eyeballs on you.

Status/Group Examples:

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  • How Many Followers on Instagram Do You Have?
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  • If you could make $300 a month by learning a new skill would you?
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Tip: Make use of the colour status and the stickers to give your status STAND OUT.

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