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I’m just going to come out and say it. Avoid this it’s a SCAM.

The first post for the Internet Scams List Series and we have our first victim!

So you’ve watched the video of people saying how amazing it is and you end up with £700,000+ in your bank account after 30 days…Yeah.

The Brit Method (also has other names for other countries) is a software operating automated binary trading system. This has been created by Jason Taylor, Jason Pertu and Jason Mason…All the same person. Different names for different countries. Strange right?

When you sign up to the ‘free’ Brit Method software you are then asked to deposit funds into a trading account. You then upload the app and follow the signals to decide how much to put into each trade. Bare in mind, you more than likely have no idea what is happening right now, this is designed to make you hundreds of thousands in profit. So much so Jason Taylor guarantees that if you fail to make money within 30 days he will personally pay you £10,000…

The hard sale is you will get an instant £10,000 for just signing up… Who even does that?

Why is The Brit Method a Scam?

The Brit Method System is not free to join

The video states “Absolutely no risk involved in trying out the Brit Method system for a month or more, because it is 100% free to access it.”

The limited offer is made out to be by private invitation only, but we were able to use the website without any invitation and it is clearly open to anyone to register.

Ponzi Scam - Traffic Network Ads

I very much doubt that the free offer is only available to 20 people.

In the video demonstration of how it works, the starting amount of deposit is £250. (Contradictory of the free access part)

Jason offers to pay £10,000 to anyone who does not make “hundreds of thousands” within the first few months.

The people seen in the Brit Method video giving testimonials are actors have been hired to add realism to the videos.

The social media testimonials are all fakes. Accounts are either made up or fake. Why would anyone on Twitter not have a username appearing in a tweet? I’m a Twitter nerd who knows it inside out. Any user can spot that.

The guy in the photo is more than likely just a guy. More than likely another actor with other actors voice over in the video.

Please do not get sucked into any sort of “let’s get rich quick programs”.

They do not exist. If anyone tells you, you can make over £400,000 in 3 months you got to question it! Would you take that amount of money off a stranger in the street? More than likely no. You would ask a series of questions I hope. Where it comes from? How did you get it? and Why are you giving it away? Those questions instantly come to my mind, and it is no different to making money online.

Let’s look at some people who have been scammed by The Brit Method. These are some comments I have found on some websites online highlighting this as a scam.


I hope this article helps you. Please comment below if you have been scammed by this.

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