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Divvee.Social affiliate and founder of Divvee Mastermind Facebook Group. My aim is to help and mentor the journey you take with Divvee.Social. For some of you it may be your first ever venture into online marketing and multi level marketing. By joining my team I will help you all the way. By creating step by step guides and having a dedicated Facebook Group with likeminded people to help you on your journey. Whether you aim to make small amounts of money on the side or the big 5 or 6 figure earnings. I will help you.

Ash DavidsonFounder ~ My Passive Income Diary

Earning Disclaimer: Earnings are only typical for the amount of effort you put in. This is not a quick rich scheme. I aim to help people to succeed. You need to put in time and effort to achieve results. You must be able and willing to follow instructions. Some methods may require costs such as affiliate fees ($50) to use Divvee.Social to earn commissions, advertising fees to allow people to see your opportunity and website fees if you do not have a platform to promote.

Divvee.Social are offering FREE affiliate spaces to allow you to BUILD your TEAM. If you do not upgrade or people in your team DO NOT upgrade they will become FREE MEMBERS. For you to earn you must have an ACTIVE affiliate account.

Page Updated 24th February 2017.