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Trust me. You need a list in your head so you are aware of what scam is what, what company they came from and ones that are copied from other scams… Yeah trust me on my logic. This is post will become a main feature of the website. Originally it was going to be the first post, however I got sidetracked and actually covered a scam called “The Brit Method” as I know people who have been scammed by it. So that came first.

I am going to show you the steps and simple questions you should be asking yourself when you get given an opportunity. As a serving Police Officer in the Royal Air Force, naturally things I question.

Step 1)  Use Google

This one should come natural. Find out the name. Google the company. Find out who runs it, how long it’s been registered online/running. See if anyone has posted any reviews or any scams about it. Have a read. A number of people who write about scams use it to deflect people from it then post something like it they are promoting, they are easy to spot. However if you see 10 articles stating the same thing, with actual evidence of peoples experiences going horrible…Then it points to a scam.

Step 2) Who Told You About It?

A number of people get ‘quick cash’ and ‘earn money instantly’ schemes on Groups on Facebook. Now. If a stranger came to you and said “Want to earn £500 today?” You might instantly go and say “How?” I know I would. You got to look at what is on offer. I can earn up to £1000 per week? Really? All I have to do is invest money into this and I get this back? Ask questions! Do you know the person? More than likely the person who referred you is earning money for your referral. Something that has no substance or a little bit scammy.

Step 3) Endorsements

This one is simple. Is it apart of the DSA?, BBB?, DSEF?  These are the legality side of things. If companies have these logos they are legitimate companies able to function, as simple as that. Another one to look out for any celebrities endorsed it? If it’s legitimate then its unlikely someone would put their name to something that will damaged reputations. Just do your research.

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Step 4) Payments

Do you have to pay for something? Find out what. Some schemes do have payments. In-fact its actually pretty normal to have a technology-fee stuff like that. However things to look out for. Where does that money go? Pyramid Schemes are illegal. A lot of people mistake them for tier schemes and multi-level-marketing. Pyramid Schemes focuses on money going to your direct above you, and you gain your money back for referring people, with no product at all. A tier system you get paid for referring people and who they refer. This is perfectly fine, however you get paid for an action and a sale, by promoting the company. I’ll go in more detail about each one in a later post. However if you Google Pyramid Schemes you will get a quick idea.

Step 5) Trust your gut

If its too good to be true. Walk away. Your NEVER ever going to make money from doing nothing. You need to be good at what you do. If you are 100% serious about a business or any network marketing business, it is CRUCIAL that you have a business plan with a highly targeted marketing strategy to help you get 10-20+ leads a day for your business. Let’s face it… If you are not creating traffic, capturing leads, and converting sales/sign ups, you will FAIL. 

Now I know this post is brief. I could go into lots of details and pull out lots of schemes that are scams. Just have a look and see what they are offering. Google them, learn the company before you actually sign up and give any details to anyone!

Imagine your buying a bike. Would you go on a bike blind folded? You most likely won’t buy one without looking at one. Just human instinct. Ask yourself questions. Be a detective.

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