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I can hear the groans already. You’ve just signed up to a fantastic opportunity to promote a business, to market a company and you get paid for it! How amazing is that? Now, why have I not earned money yet? Why is no one interested in my offer and why am I not getting any sales? Those a questions that I get each and every day.

It comes down to one thing. You are not getting the eyeballs on you which is creating curiosity.  Curiosity does kill the cat in marketing. When people see what you are doing they want to know, when people see you are successful they want that, and when you combine those two together it builds credibility as a leader you then go out and show them how to get THOSE results you have!

So let’s break it down into digestible steps and how things work for me.

Before you go causing a little storm and show people what you are doing. You need to be realistic, not EVERYONE will be interested, no EVERYONE will get it, and you may well get some people questioning why you have all of a sudden changed overnight.

What do you need:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Why? Because you need to post yourself somewhere right?

What else do you need to consider?

  • What kind of business are you in. If your selling products within a niche, get involved within that targetted niche.
  • Who is on those accounts and how big is the reach
  • Do you have a method of capturing people who visit your content? If you do not have a capture page get on with OSP, This allows genuinely interested people to opt-in enabling you to follow up.

How do you do it?

Now, this is the important part. So many people think attraction marketing is consistently selling. It’s not. I hate pitching to people regularly. The idea is to get people to come to you. More eyeballs on you mean more people ask questions about how you do stuff. It makes the sales pitch a lot easier as they are genuinely interested.

  • Photos of what you are doing. If you are in MLM and promoting for example Juice Plus. Do a live video, do a photo and show what you are doing.
  • Brand yourself and label yourself in business. This shows what you are about, immediate eyeballs. This person is in my business too.
  • Offer value. Training and tips to people who you connect with on your social networks. Show people something that works for you, so people come to you asking for more information and guidance with that tip you have shared.
  • Let the product sell itself. Give people a small demonstration. Everyone has a little tick, some people its money, some people want a community and some people the niche. IF you can show it off, let people see it, and then they will ask questions.
  • Use the tools on Facebook to help. Stickers, Colours and Lives to help things stand out. Same on Twitter, use an image, and Instagram uses the correct hashtags.
  • Network with people within the niche. Add people on Facebook, comment on top influencer pages and interact with people. Compliment them and make them feel good!
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Personal experience

I have friends on my Facebook, they have seen my Instagram has grown over the last 6-8 weeks. People ask me how did I do it. I show them the tool I use which is MorfiX and guess what? I got sales from that. If people see you doing something or change, people will then ask you how. There will always be someone interested somewhere.

I know many top earners in the industry who get at least 60% of their sales from attraction marketing or lifestyle marketing. It’s just about being seen and allowing yourself to be seen by like-minded people.

The best part of all this? It’s 100% free. Well, obviously you need the internet. Providing you get people coming to you. Sales will happen one way or enough.

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