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Platinum World Team Build SCAM


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I have used a lot of BehindMLM for outsourcing of information, a website I read a lot, it’s a reliable site that does a lot of research on opportunities that go online way before it’s public knowledge.

So let’s begin.

Platinum World Team Build was registered on December 8th, 2016 under the domain of platinumworldteambuild.com, and that website provides no information on who owns or runs the business.Although doing some more digging Ramon Escalera is listed as the owner, with an address in the US state of North Carolina.

Although doing some more digging Ramon Escalera is listed as the proprietor, with an address in the US state of North Carolina.

Ramon Escalera first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar last year, as admin of the 25 Dollar Legacy pyramid scheme, another scheme which is something you should avoid with a barge pole. Read the link for more details.

Platinum World Team Build Products

Platinum World Team Build has no retainable products or services, with affiliates only able to market the affiliate membership itself.

Joining Platinum World Team Build

Platinum World Team Build affiliate membership is tied to a $100 matrix cycler position fee. Claiming once joined and recruited two people you have locked in your position. (More on this below)

The Platinum World Team Build Compensation Plan

Platinum World Team Build affiliates invest $100 on the promise of an advertised $166,800 Return on Investment… Yeah like that seems legit…

This is funded by affiliate investment (costs below) paid through a two-tier matrix.

Now, this is where it gets confusing. It has a 2×3 and a 2×4 matrix. I don’t like maths at the best of time, but this still sounds off.

On the 2×3 matrix, it places an affiliate at the top of the matrix with two positions under them. This then allows two positions to form at the first level of the matrix.

The second tier of the matrix is then split from the first two positions into another two positions each making four areas. Are you still with me? IF not carry on anyways.

The third level of the matrix is generated in the same manner and houses eight positions!

Ponzi Scam - Traffic Network Ads

A 2×4 matrix adds fourth level and sixteen positions to the matrix. Now it’s getting confusing right. This is what they say creates the multiple earnings as everyone gets a share of the cherry. However, once people stop investing/joining it will soon fall like an old tree without water.

Now let’s look at the money side of it. How much you spend for how much you receive. I know I have referred to my maths skills but if you pay so much and you get that much, where does the money come from? Someone must miss out… Usually, the person who puts money in.

Stage 1 Matrix (2×4)

  • level 1 (positions cost $100) – receive $200
  • level 2 (level unlock costs $200) – receive $800
  • level 3 (level unlock costs $500) – receive $4000
  • level 4 (level unlock costs $2000 – receive $32,000

Stage 2 Matrix (2×3)

  • level 1 (matrix entry is $5000) – receive $10,000
  • level 2 (level unlock is $7500) – receive $30,000
  • level 3 (level unlock is $15,000) – receive $120,000


It seems that Mr Ramon Escalera is trying his luck at another MLM but a pretty big Ponzi cycle side to it. I have been online since 2003 making websites seeing websites like this coming and going; this is a one I will be staying away from.

The numbers do not add up. Compared to any Ponzi scheme online, and there are a lot of them, I have featured some on my website have nowhere near the type of ROI for $100 investment. What would you do if someone in the street says to you give me $100 and ill give you $166,800 eventually? You would ask a few questions I am sure.

That ROI is paid out subsequently invested funds, making Platinum World Team Build a Ponzi scheme. A pyramid layer is also added by way of requiring each affiliate to recruit two new members. It works by people putting in; the old investors will get the money back. New people pay for the old people’s takings, however, when it dies up, there will be no money left to withdraw causing people to lose money.

And while the eventual ROI Platinum World Team Build advertise might sound enticing, it’s important to remember that realistically the only position(s) that will get close to this are those owned by Escalera. We all know how MLM works, top of the tree earns the most.

Raymon Escalera makes his money and pretty much everyone else loses out.

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  1. I hope that people file complaints with the authorities to have this shut down.. He used bait and switch at launch and would not refund my $100 I am going to file a formal complaint with the North Carolina Attorney General and have him shut down as a ponzi…

    • Eldon, I’m sorry to hear that he will not refund you. Please try to put the pressure on other people to turn against so an audience of people can get it shut down. I’m glad its only $100 and not $500, $1000 or more, which I have seen in the past with other Ponzi networks.


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