Lost Money On Traffic Network Ads

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If you had a gander at my blog yesterday you would have seen I wrote a piece about Ponzi Schemes. What you are about to see here is an example of one.

Disclaimer: I have tried Traffic Network Ads and I can confirm it 100% is a Ponzi Scheme (spoiler alert) if you choose to ignore my advice and lose money on your ‘investment’ well I’m sorry but you have been warned.

It has been getting a lot of attention on the web lately, mainly in Germany but it is starting to come over to the U.K.

Without further delay let me carry on with the review jumping in at the deep end!

To start. My spidey senses have tingled upon looking at the homepage of Traffic Network Ads there’s a promotional video, the entire video is nothing more than stock footage it makes mad claims with no sort of info to back them up at all. The website provides nothing in terms of information. No background, no company owner names or who is the CEO. That’s a bad start. To add to this. If you do a simple domain name ownership search via WhoIs.com you will see that the website was registered on the 1st September 2016. It is also private which isn’t the best for finding out further details.

If you go onto the footer of the website it does state an address in Hong Kong with a label to Redrock Media Solutions Limited. Are you as confused as me? So go back again and I have found that the website of that media group actually wasn’t registered until October 31st, 2016! To add more confusion to the mix according to Alexa Rankings the website has 47.5% traffic generating from Germany, which usually means this is where the website is located.

What Is A Ponzi Scheme About

Products? There’s nothing to add on that. No products is usually a bad start. Usually, echoes Pyramid/Ponzi. However, I’ll go on. It does have something called “Traffic Packs”. These claim to add 250 clicks to your website. Well because I tried it on another website. It didn’t not even close to 250 clicks and what was given was, in fact, bot traffic.

Payback! This confirms the Ponzi side of things. Now for each traffic pack you buy, they last for 730 days. Giving you an ROI each day. I’ll go into this in more detail in a second.

Affiliates… Now, this is where things get interesting. It seems like a pyramid. You earn 5 EUR for tier 1, tier 2 affiliates earn 2.50 EUR and tier 3-6 earn 1.50 EUR. The person you enroll MUST invest in a “traffic pack” to be paid. (Because if no one else is investing all that money would be lost)

Payback/ROI in more detail: The ROI is estimated to be between 0.5% and 1.18% which lasts for 730 after you make that “traffic pack” purchase. You could see an ROI between 300% up to 800%, however, don’t get sucked into this. Does it sound amazing, right? You put money into something and you get that much back? Usually, because these type of ‘opportunities’ use investors money to pay for the old investor’s payouts.

As I mentioned in my article on Ponzi Schemes. Follow or add me on Facebook. I’ll show you ways you can make money online. This is not one of them. Do not use any payback scheme because in a years time all that money will disappear somewhere.


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