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Ah, Bitcoin. Is it pretty popular now right? If you have a handful of internet marketers on your Facebook, I’m pretty sure at least one of them dabbles in BitCoin. I want to clarify some things about it, obviously what it is, why people are raving about it and most importantly how are people earning a lot of money from it.

What is Bitcoin?

Firstly. It’s a digital currency. But Ash how do I use it? Pretty simple like any method of payment (more about places that accept it as you keep reading) So that’s the top and bottom of it, its currency which can be used for payment of said items.

However… It has a demand value on it. Due to the amount in circulation, people investing and the new technology age the price keeps going up, outgrowing gold, silver and land.

People often ask what it is? Why would you invest in something that is digital? Well let me ask you this, 18 years ago would you of invested in Google? More than likely not but I bet you wish you had. This is that sort of thing, people are already pushing this to be the mainstream currency for the internet, and I can imagine in 2 years it will be at least 50% there. It is already happening.

Here are some of the companies accepting bitcoin (bigger than you think right?)

Future of BitCoin

This is not going to vanish. Too many big investors are in it, too many countries now legalising it as legal currency (Australia in July) so that would only keep the price up. The issue we have faced with BitCoin is how unpredictable it seems to be, but that does not mean loss, it shows how much and how quick it has risen in a short amount of time. On any drop, it seems to increase. March it was at around $800. In May its now sitting at $2000. Within that period it went to $1,400 and backed down to $900 within the same week. It dips and rises like a wooden roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Should You Invest In Bitcoin?

This is for you to decide. I do. I started in March at the purchase price of $800 per BTC. It’s doubled since then at the current price.


Just to make you aware of a few things, so you understand a little more about it. It has a price on the exchange. So, for example, you could buy an amount of BTC for say £500… But the next day it may go down. Or it may go up. So obviously some risk, but hey who doesn’t like risk? It makes you grow as a person. Plus it’s not about how much money you have; it’s how you keep it and create an additional income. BitCoin has that possibility.

There are only so many Bitcoins in the world. Meaning eventually we cannot create any more. Which should bring a little effect of an up value as supply and demand, like when you go off the beaten track into a fuel station and pay double the price. We have no idea when this will happen or how much the limit is, this is why I put my feet on the table with it.

Bitcoins works as a payment solution for companies like Payza and Paypal. It removes the whole need for conventional banking such as fees which is pretty nice. No one likes additional charges right?

Honest Thoughts?

Give it a go. Let’s be honest here. It’s not just going to vanish. Too many companies invested in it, too many people have it, and it seems to be the future method of payment along with other digital currencies (yes there are more)

Many people buy some to keep, some people look at learning how to mine bitcoins to generate them, and some people buy and sell, plenty of methods to be involved. But my only question to you is. If you have some money lying around, nothing has grown faster than BitCoin. In fact, if you invested $10,000 in 2010 you would have well over ten figures in your bank account right now.

How Do I Invest?

I use a company called USI-Tech, please check out my honest review of it. It gives you full information on how it all works.

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