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First of all, I would like to welcome you to my website. My name is Ash and this is the first ever post! You may well stumble upon this as months goes past, I hope you do!

My Passive Income Diary has been set up for a number of reasons. It’s a way of documenting my own success from learning how to achieve passive income. At this present time, I am working full-time in the Royal Air Force (RAF), I have ambitions to earn enough money to work full-time on my existing projects.

At the age of 13, I have had an interest in websites. I learned how to do them in it’s simplest form. I started off doing Counter-Strike: Source clan websites, Music Band websites and Drug and Addiction websites. I never really took it seriously, they looked good but that was it. I never bothered with the other work. I filled it with content and I was happy, I knew how much money is on the internet then and that was before the introduction of the smart mobile phone.

July 2012. Myself and a good friend Jonny founded and still own a website. Bread And Butter Football. It’s an article submission website for football writer’s looking to gain exposure and more views on their content. We have a following of 20K on Twitter (as of January 2017), over 1,100 writers have signed up and a steady rate of 80 articles going online each month. This website was my first exposure to earning money online. We have learned over the years how to make money within that niche (Betting Affiliates) I will do more in-depth on those at some point. Another thing I have learned. Older the domain more valuable it becomes, we found that PR companies would ask us to put links within our post for a fee, these fees range from $25-$125 (Most of them work in USD). Again I’ll do more on those as this website develops.

Fast forward to 2016. Served 3 years in the RAF, enjoying it, traveling the world but spending cuts (like everywhere) is making it hard to feel rewarded. Just by chance, I keep getting opportunities my way to learn more. I met Michelle my girlfriend, who is amazing. She has a business head, she loves numbers and even though she hates football, she looked at how Bread And Butter Football could grow and make more money. It’s not just that, she understands what is needed. Disclaimer: Don’t just expect to make a website and it makes money. It takes effort, you got to promote it a lot, follow rules to help it get seen more and you don’t have as much free time.

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Summer 2016 I met Chris Darwen, a well-respected author, and football writer. Originally he wrote for me on Bread And Butter Football. Soon after that we got talking about getting his own website for Tales From The Top Flight (His British Satire Football Book). That went well… In fact, its now under new management as we sold it after 4 months. We then updated The Higher Tempo Press (A Football Manager Website), Which as it stands is also in discussions to be sold too, although Chris will still be an editor for the websites, it highlights to me I have a skill which is massive in earning passive income online. I can build websites which can be profitable in a matter of months. How many people do you know can knock up a fully functional website in 2 days. A website is a business. I know a lot of people who have to rely on people to do their websites, spending more money and making it harder to increase profits.

Now let us get into the present day and what My Passive Income Diary aims to achieve. What I aim to achieve is simple. To show you how to get passive earnings by reviewing and highlighting the stuff that works, show you how to avoid those internet scams by reviewing them, too many people get sucked in by big numbers and videos of fast cars, I plan to do a number of website tutorials, showing you how to grow a following on social media, gain traffic and to convert that traffic into earning money. Whether that is from affiliate marketing (endless opportunities), pay per click adverts or selling your own products/services.

But guess what? As of today. 19th January 2017. My first post. I am going to document my journey from the start to the end. I want to show you it’s possible. I am a normal guy. I am never going to be one of those people at the end of a video telling you, that you ‘can’ make this. I am actually going to show you what I am doing, the stuff I am involved in, with the hope that you actually copy me. I am sick of seeing scams online, I am sick of seeing things you got to put money in to get money out and I am sick of working for someone else. I want to work for myself. It’s possible. Let’s do it together.

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  1. good work buddy! I’m kind of on the same journey and i will definately follow yours! really impressed with your site layout also! keep up the good work 🙂


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