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Hands up, who has heard the phrase “The Money Is IN The LIST”  Of course you have, everyone says it, and it’s 100% correct. However, it’s not as easy as just driving people to a form to obtains someone’s name and email address; you need to learn how to email correctly when you are marketing. So what I have made is a very simple guide to help you start. Trying to make it as easy as possible to digest.


Build your email marketing list

If you are new, email marketing can be overwhelming; you are learning new words such as funnel, opt-in and auto responder then you go on to learn about call to action buttons, follow up series and conversion rates. But before all that you need a plan. You need to figure out what you are going to market, how you are going to attract people to that opt-in and how you’re going to follow up, which can also be done in some different ways.

  • Paid Traffic
  • Free Traffic
  • Existing Customers
  • Offline Methods

So you need people, but these people need something to opt-in too. Whether it’s a new opportunity, or if it’s a product offering significant value. You need the following

  • Funnel/VSL
  • Call To Action
  • Auto Responder
  • Follow Up

That is email marketing in its simplest forms. However giving you just bullet points will not get you very far. So I am going to break it down into more detail for you to understand what I mean by each one. It’s important you take note, as it has an order that needs to be correct, they all need to work before you allow traffic to hit, you don’t want to be losing leads.


Step 1 – You Need a Funnel/VSL.

What on earth is one of these? A funnel filters out the people who are not interested. It has limited text to gather your interest, you then click on the call to action (next part), and you give them information. Here is an example of a Funnel with a video known as a VSL. It auto-plays a video at the start, small text stating it’s a free video and you only need $1 to start. So for that, its pretty big and has a big pull, but you also need a plan before step 1. What are you promoting? If it’s your product such as an e-book you can make a page like this (it’s not designed for an E-book) however you can have text and the image of it behind without a video, telling people what it is and that they would like access to that product.

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Step 2- Call To Action

This must be before the fold on the page (so you don’t have to scroll down) this is because all users see it. They have a few seconds to read the information to discover whether they want to go and give you, their details for the product/opportunity. Don’t make them make more effort. The button also has to be attractive. BIG and BOLD. Different colour to the rest of the page and have some eye-catching text within the button itself.

Step 3 – Auto Responder

Are you going to respond to each and every person who wants to join your opportunity or read your ebook? I hope not. You need something to take care of it for you. Especially if you are promoting an e-book for free. You want it to arrive in their inbox within 5 seconds as they want it NOW not in 5 hours time after you have picked the kids up from school. An auto responder is synced to your funnel, so all the people who opt-in are stored within a list, you can also send them an email as soon as they opt-in. So for example with the ebook, they opt-in and they will get a generic email of the ebook straight into their inbox with a link to download it in PDF format.

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Recommended – I use Now Lifestyle for all my auto responding. It’s by far the best, and it allows internet marketing unlike MailChimp

Step 4 – Follow Up

So you have just driven a load of people to a funnel, offering a product or your own. You need to follow up, some individuals who have landed onto the funnel as they will be cold traffic (people you don’t know) so you need to warm them up, allow them to trust you to make a sale. A follow-up series which can also be done on Now Lifestyle is essential for warming up traffic.


Rules for follow up series:

  • Email 1 – Make it about yourself, let the people know who they are talking too.
  • Ensure that you have a physical address on the email. Aweber does it for you, but double check if you are using another provider.
  • Send one email a day.
  • Have a methodical follow-up. Start by introducing yourself and your business, then talk about the business, FAQ post, invite people to connect with you, etc
  • If you are using ready-made follow up series, change it by 30%, so it matches you, and rogue spammers have not spammed it onto a blacklist.



Email Marketing Best Practices Guide

This is a must follow, or you have wasted your time. You need to stick within the regulations when it comes to spam; you do not want your auto responder to hit the spam can each time, no one will ever see those emails, and most importantly those follow-ups.

  • Use your domain name! Buy one from here.
  • Edit sales copy emails by up to 30% to match yourself, and that no one else uses it, this may already be heavily used and reported for spam.
  • Don’t use phishing titles such as ‘PayPal’ ‘banking’ ‘unlock your account today’ don’t lie to people.
  • Always have a contact URL for you and a physical address on emails.
  • Make sure your emails are readable, and all links work before they go live. (mobile optimised too!)
  • Be consistent do an email each day, it’s your list interact with it.
  • Keep your email list fresh, move people who have not opened an email into a new list and send a separate email, get them to OPEN the email.
  • Delete subscribers after six months, only people who have not opened emails in 6 months. This will give you a higher open rate.
  • Email providers and servers make sure people engage with emails, if the same email address is sending to 1000 people and only 20 people open, it will be disregarded as spam.
  • TEST it once, twice, three times and so on.


Segment your list

Remember if you are promoting different things you cannot have two totally different opportunities with the same follow-up, so separate it. Then cross-sell via broadcasts if it’s the same niche that is, for example, Money Making Niche, it’s related so you can promote two offers but ONLY as broadcasts. If you are in other niches, be aware that people will need to be separated to cater for each need/requirement.


To Conclude

If you break it down into little parts, it’s not too bad. First get a product or an opportunity, second makes a funnel for it and then sync it to an autoresponder with a follow-up. That’s it. Start in bitesize chunks. Best bit of advice is just to test it out, see what happens; you will find the best method for testing it out, making sure it all works and what looks the best for the funnel.

Internet marketing is not easy, Email marketing is just one aspect of it and in my opinion, the most important. Focus on getting your funnels looking professional and attractive, focus on getting your auto responder set up and working with or without a follow-up depending on the opportunity. Then look at getting it out to people.

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  1. Hi Ash,
    Great info for anyone wanting to start an online business.I know I will be following all the steps you posted.

    I would love to be able to have the use of your funnel VSL video in my Aspire business, I am sure it would give my business the kickstart it needs as I am a new member. Is this possible!

  2. Hi Ash, I really appreciate your help, I intend to follow your footsteps and hopefully be as successful as you (soon)
    Again.Thank You.


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