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Hello, Online Sales Pro should be number 1 on your list. It’s number one on my list. This is the full honest and transparent verdict from myself. I use this and I am going to show you how I am going to profit from it and how you can by doing the exact same thing. But first let’s find out what it is!

What Is Online Sales Pro About? 

Online Sales Pro (OSP) is a web-based lead generation system. Allowing you to customise lead pages, the system is easy to use with no technical skills required.  It comes with a mobile app supported on iOS and Andriod making it even easier to manage from the convert of your home, sunlounger or wherever you may be.

Online Sales Pro has a number of templates you can start with straight away, plus plenty of affiliate and social media marketing training videos.

It also has a community of over 32,000 people on their official Facebook Group with people willing to help you succeed with your business or businesses you are promoting.

Want to know the best part? You can also earn money as an affiliate. You’re in MLM or some other business opportunity, you have a team under you. Give them the tools to succeed with OSP, you earn from them being on OSP and they get more leads into their business, filing up your downline and they can repeat the system. They earn money, your earn money. (Ninja Tip)

Cost: $37/Month (It’s a bargain) Keep reading to find out why!

The Training Center & Marketing Guides

Online Sales Pro TrainingBefore you start spamming the pages all over the place with no real purpose other than to make money. Have a look at the training area of the website. It teaches you how to drive traffic, market on social media effectively and most importantly when you add those two together you get LEADS. The videos are high quality, easy to understand and follow. Perfect for beginners and the advanced marketer. Every day is a school day. You will always learn from others.

I’m about halfway through the videos and I have picked up some tips. But people forget the basics so make sure you cover those parts, for example, narrow down your niche and target people to see Online Sales Pro if you are just going to promote it. Referring to my tip, if you are already doing well with a business opportunity, get your team onto it and teach them how to grow. You learn, they learn all from the same training area.

Why List Building?

Building a list in any business opportunity is the fundamental aim, this does not mean go onto Fiverr and buy a load of people to put into a list. “Money is in the list” if you’re going to take anything from this article let it be that. To have a list it has to be organic and actually have people in it who are interested. For example, my list is a generic how to make money online, I offer loads of different ways to do it, so If I focus on the Make Money Online niche I can focus on that. I also have other content to help people pull people in such as scams to avoid and how to make websites. Why would I want to make a list full of car fans if I am not promoting anything to do with cars? However, if you promote MCA (Motor Club America) you may well have a business opportunity, that’s an example of how to make it work if you have a website or a fan page about Cars.

List building is easy, it takes time. Audience, Content and an opt-in. It’s just a triangle, remove one of those you won’t build a list. You need an audience, you need content to attract the audience and at the end you need something for people to put their email address to find out about your business opportunity, at the very least you have their email address into your generic list, they may not be interested in anything now but in 2 months time you promote something else or the same thing, they may well opt-in and you can close the sale then.

The Landing Pages

It’s done for you, the promoting side to bring people into OSP it is, the landing pages are some of the best I have ever seen. These templates allow you to collect email addresses of your potential customers with easy, with catchy videos and fine grain detail of what people are signing up too.

OSP includes many landing page templates. These are templates which let you collect email addresses of your potential customers. To see an example, just click on the image below. This is one of the templates they offer to promote OSP.

All landing pages are easy to change, text, colours and backgrounds. All landing pages work on mobile phone so it’s easy to promote via social media.

You can make whatever landing page you want. Seriously if you are not using any type of landing page for your business opportunity you should be. It makes your life easier all you have to do is bring traffic to it, whether that’s linking people to it or buying traffic to it.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

When users enter their email into the field, they get then added to your list. Depending on the landing page template you’re using, you get different info from your lead. Within the backend of your OSP membership, you can see all the info from all your generated leads. When you click on one of the leads, then a new window will pop up and looks like the image below.


The Mobile App (Andriod & iOS)

This makes life easier, giving you more freedom. This automates everything. It gives you everything in real-time, sends you a notification each time you get a lead or a sale. The best thing about it is you can set an email autoresponder within the app. This allows you to just click a button on your new lead which is instantly sent out.

OSP Sales Notification

The Affiliate Program

Online Sales Pro has a brilliant affiliate program. To qualify all you have to do is to apply for it by filling out the OSP affiliate form as well as the tax form. After you have done that, you’ll get approved and you can start promoting the system.

For each customer, you refer (team members will give you an instant start if you are already in MLM etc.) you will earn $20/month residual ‘passive’ affiliate income, so with the system being $37/month you only need two for it to pay for itself.

They also offer a lot of different landing pages you can use to promote the system. You don’t even need your own autoresponder service (I use MailChimp) As I use it to build my list too. You can use the integrated funnel. OSP will also send out the follow-up emails for you and include your affiliate link.

If you go through their training, then you’ll learn how to promote the system using social media. That way you can get started with only the investment for OSP and now other costs. This makes it easy to promote the system and get started making money online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Sales Pro?

OSP is a landing page and mobile selling platform that has helped over 20,000 businesses grow their leads and sales.

Is Online Sales Pro A MLM Company?

No. OSP isn’t an MLM company. It offers landing page templates to promote MLM and any other online business.

Is it for beginners?

Yes, this is definitely for beginners. You’ll get all the training you need to get started.

Do I need hosting?

No, you don’t need hosting. Hosting is included.

Do I need my own domain?

Yes. This is my recommendation. You don’t really need a domain since you get your own sub-domain. However, for branding, I highly recommend that you’re using your own domain. You can redirect it to your OSP domain. They have even videos in the backend showing how to do that.

Is it available worldwide?

Yes, you can use that anywhere.

Can I use it in any language?

Yes and No. On some of the landing page templates, you can’t change the text for the form fields like name or email. So they will always stay in English.

Do I get any help?

Yes. They have a good support system as well as a friendly and helpful community.

Are there pre-written funnels?

Yes. You have the option to either use your own emails or the pre-written ones.

Do I need my own autoresponder service?

No, not really. If you want t use OSP to promote Online Sales Pro, then you don’t need a subscription to any of the autoresponders. You can use the pre-written funnel and they will be sending out the follow-up emails for you. If you want to use the system to build your own custom funnel, then you’ll need a subscription to a supported autoresponder service.

What are the autoresponder services supported?

The system integrates with the following autoresponder services:

  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign

Will Online Sales Pro work in my niche?

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter  WHAT you’re selling. OSP will help you build a list, serve your audience, sell effectively, and sell to your customers again.

Can I use the landing page templates for any niche?

Yes. The templates can be used for any niche. You can change the text as well as the video and customise that for Weight Loss, Dating, WoodWorking or any other niche out there.

Does Online Sales Pro come with any sort of guarantee?

Heck ya, it does. You are protected by our full 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Does Online Sales Pro have an affiliate program?

Yes, the OSP Affiliate Program allows OSP members to market the top lead generation and sales tools.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

OSP’s legendary support is available 9 am – 5 pm MST via live chat and email.

Online Sales Pro Review Conclusion

OSP is a easy to use lead generation and management system. It comes with a lot of different templates which can be easily customised for any needs. With all the features and training included, it’s worth the investment of $37 a month.

I highly recommend I am getting success from it. No reason why you can’t! To get started, click on the link below.

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