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I often get asked this question. What is the best way to make money online? In all honesty, their is no right or wrong way; money is money (if your making it of course)

However, their is a ‘best’ way.  Disclaimer (this is the method I use) may not work for everyone, but I am sharing it with you none the less.

I use a high ticket offer as my primary income source.  For those who are unsure of what a high ticket offer is, it’s pretty straight forward; it’s an educational or experience package at a high cost, so it unlocks the high income, the one I use is a business in a box, with low ticket and high ticket, (comes with an auto responder, fitness package and high ticket offers too)

But how does that that the ‘best’ way… Well, companies that offer high ticket offers also offer tier rewards and match commissions which mean you are paid for helping others.  Now with these opportunities, they are harder, it is overwhelming having it set up which is why you need a sponsor, or a team to help you that step of the way.

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How do we expand on this?

So you have a high ticket offer. Which is fantastic. However, you may also need the tools to help you promote it, such as lead capture systems. The one I use changed my whole fortune online. It did. I was taught how to market, and market well in a matter of watching a few videos, it all suddenly became easier. So to build up your income, you give your downline who have signed up under you on your high ticket offer to the tools you use to make leads. Helping people do well makes you earn more (remember that from paragraph 1) Give people all the tools, the training and the methods so they can earn money too, meaning you’re a good sponsor who is supportive and it brings people to you in the long run.

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This is what I use 

How to promote this?

So you have a high ticket offer, and you have the tool to get you the leads, now you got to capture the leads via getting their email address (which you can get via the lead capture system), so you then put those emails in an auto responder. You then market to them each day, but the best thing? Once those people are on the list (after giving consent of course), you can market more than one opportunity, not just the one. If you are buying traffic or generating loads and loads of leads into your list, not everyone will want the high-ticket due to costs, but they may want the cheaper alternative. Giving you a higher chance of gaining your return of investment on traffic quicker.  Kaboom.

So I hope you see the type of stuff I use. I am not into products making money such as cosmetics or juice; I don’t like doing things on apps for money. This is where the real marketing is, this is what sets the men from the boys.

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