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I bet you have never heard this phrase before, well in your nonmarketing life. Before it would have referred to someone’s dangly bits. But in the internet marketers world, it’s very important. More so if you are brand new in the market, like I am to a certain degree. The term Low Hanging Fruit is brilliant, the best way to describe it is to think of the title when you are picking fruit, you want one that’s hanging low so you don’t have to put in as much ‘effort’ to pick. That’s it. Low effort SEO keyword picking basically.

For the people who know me personally will know I love automation, this a perfect method to gain traffic via automation. Why?! Because of automation and accumulation. You will learn about me very quickly these are two of my main blueprint thoughts when it comes to building audiences and a website.

In simple terms what is the low hanging fruit principle?

With low-hanging fruit the reason why people don’t like to use them, the traffic can be a lot lower. People tend to go for the keywords or the phases that get an instant 50,000 hits a month. Well, i’m sorry to tell you, in fact, you are likely to get 0 search traffic when you are sitting on page 54 of Google. If you select a highly competitive keyword or phrase the chances are you will not be seen unless you are a massive SEO nerd, highly established or paid money to be seen.

Low hanging fruit should only target the lowest of low competition. This allows you to gain a top rank on that search. Whether that search metric is only 200 searches per month and you gain 160 traffic hits per month for that one article.

All in all, it allows you gain more authority on Google by being top of a page, allowing you to gain traffic which is targetted for your niche and to understand quickly how keywords are still in 2017 important.

Automation and Accumulation

This is my bread and butter. The best feeling in the world, people seeing your content for free, without you having to plug it on Social Media every now and again to get it current again. With the low hanging fruit principle, it will allow you to build it up, as your content grows and you still stick to that principle so will your traffic. Which will be at least 80% targetted and organic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Imagine. You have 100 quality niche posts on your website. Let’s just say they all get lower than 50 Quoted Search Results (QSR ). Achieve on average 150 traffic hits from 220 searches for the keywords and phrases in the article title, or first paragraph.

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This is 100 posts all gaining on average 150 search hits each month. Which is 15,000 users each month. If your website is functional and responsive with organic traffic you can expect to get 4-page sessions per user. That would give you a potential 60,000 pageviews. On autopilot. On articles that may well be 2 years old that still gains traffic for searches. Amazing right? It’s also not very difficult. As long as Google can see that keyword of phrase in the title or in the description of the search, it will get picked up.

How to find out the QSR?

Sign up to Jaaxy – It’s free to use (30 searches). It’s what I use and it’s by far the cheapest on the internet to find out which keywords you can use.

On Wealthy Affiliate, you then go to ‘Keyword Tools’

Keyword tool for this article title. To achieve a potential 136 search traffic over the course of 1 month.


Keyword tool QSR rating at 5. Very very low!



Principles you MUST follow to achieve this:

  • Narrow down your niche. Make it focused on a direct term on Google.
  • 100 or less QSR, more ideal is 50 or less, anything lower than 25 is amazing.
  • Aim to achieve over 120 monthly searches each month. Remember the accumulation. Also think if things happen in the news, or if it comes up on the news. People may search for it more in the future.
  • It takes time, it does not happen overnight. By the time you get to 100 posts if you are doing 6 per week, you may notice at least 50% of your articles generating search hits.
  • Put the keyword or phase within the page title, place the same keyword which is in the title within the first 2 paragraphs.
  • Make sure it makes sense. It has to be human. Google does not like keyword hacking with typo’s or robot speak for higher searches.
  • Use SEO ALL IN ONE Plugin which can be found in the WordPress Plugin section. This allows you to generate your own meta-descriptions for Google on the post.

Additional Pointers

  • Articles with numbers tend to draw more visitors. Example 3 Easy Steps To Avoid Scams, 5 Ways To Grow Twitter, 10 Reasons Why SEO Is Still Winning
  • Write down a list of keywords, use it as inspiration for a list of articles for the future. You may well find by narrowing your search you can write more than you imagine.
  • Still use social media to promote, SEO and social media link together these days, it does help with ranking.
  • Interaction on all of your comments by replying gains trust to your website allowing it to be indexed faster on Google.
  • Use relevant images and name them too.
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  1. I like your low effort easy to pick SEO keyword approach. If I read you well, if I want to use that low hanging fruit principle I need to use Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool, find keywords that have less than a 100 preferably less than 50 quoted search results (QSR), and try to aim at those that has around 120 searches per month?

    I will try that! Thanks for the tip!

    • Yep, that should start making you rank for keywords. Give it time for all the motions to happen and you should gather momentum and it will all add up providing the quoted numbers are correct via the tool.

  2. Thanks Ash, for having a very detailed post about SEO for beginners like us.
    One question, what if the Qsr for the keyword is considerably higher ( around 100-120) but the amount of volume search per month that the keywords receive is significantly more ( around 300-400), should I pick these keywords or does these keywords fit in the low-hanging fruit principles ?
    From a fellow Internet Marketer

    • The QSR is the amount of results appearing on Google. Lower obviously the better. More higher the longer time it will take to move up the ranks ideally into position on the 1st and second pages of Google. Ideally I wouldn’t touch anything over 150 QSR but it would have to have a good amount of traffic for me to go towards those numbers.


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