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Earning Disclaimer

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Earning Disclaimer Created: 22 February 2017


By creating My Passive Income Diary on the 16th January 2017. I aim to be as transparent as possible. When the time is right (when I actually earn money from this) I will be reporting each and every month income reports in a basic manner to show you my income streams and the results each month.

With me doing that I am also going to share my methodology with full disclosure on how I am generating those results (hopefully), via free e-books, Facebook Groups and published articles on the website.

While assuming that YOU as my FOLLOWER are a reasonable person who uses a degree of common sense. This is not a get quick rich scenario. The internet has none of them.

My income reports (once made) will be 100% accurate. I have chosen to publish these because I want to help people like myself. To show you it is possible with an amount of effort and know-how.

All my material on My Passive Income Diary is available to the public on a public domain. It is mainly your choice whether to follow my methods or not.

Some of the opportunities I am promoting and use have costs, these are aids or costs to join, again it is up to you whether you join them.

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If you do or do not choose to follow in whatever system or opportunity listed on My Passive Income Diary, you will be getting guidance from myself to help you achieve results, these can be found on the website or via contacting me via Email or Facebook.

Kind Regards,